Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook

The fun thing about living in a fixer upper and being overly obsessed with home decor is that you’re always dreaming about the next home improvement. Whether it be big or small, there’s always a project on the horizon. Always something to get excited about and look forward to. Now I realize some of you may not feel that way about home renovation, but it sure gets me jazzed up. Really, I literally have dreams about my house and what project I want to do next. I know, I’m a weirdo. But we all have our issues, right? Well I’ve been dreaming about updating our cozy breakfast nook with a new chandelier for a while now. The light I had in there was actually a DIY project that cost me a whopping five bucks, which was all fine and dandy, but I was ready for a change. So I’ve been searching for the perfect chandelier for about two months now and I finally found it. Plus we also got a new table and chairs, so this space has a whole new look. I’m excited to share a little tour of our updated breakfast nook so let’s get to it!

Farmhouse style breakfast nook. Cozy farmhouse decor.

Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook

It’s amazing what a new table and a new chandelier can do for a space. I always tell you guys that changing out old light fixtures is one of the fastest and easiest ways to update any room and it’s definitely the truth. This new chandelier has made such a difference in this space and I absolutely looooooove it. It has an elegant, yet vintage feel to it and that’s exactly what I wanted.

Farmhouse style breakfast nook and vintage chandelier

Farmhouse style chandelier

This light comes in three difference sizes, but I went with medium and I think it fits perfectly in here. There is a bit of distressing, which you know I love, and it has an antique French vibe to it that I think is really unique.

Farmhouse style chandelier
Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook

So you might remember that I sold the table in our dining room and I was searching for weeks to find a new one. Well I couldn’t find anything I loved that didn’t cost a fortune, so I moved the table we had in the breakfast nook into the dining room. It actually fit perfectly and I figured it would be easier to find a smaller table for the breakfast nook, so I began the search. I ending up loving this Antique White Dining Table from Pier 1 and I was all set to buy it. But first, I did what I always do before buying anything new and I went to Craigslist. I typed in the description of the table I wanted from Pier 1 and guess what happened? The exact same table popped up! And it was in perfect condition and only $100. Plus it included the four matching white chairs. AND it was only a few minutes from my house. Can you believe that?! I was in shock. Talk about a lucky find!

Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook

The chairs and table have an antique finish with light distressing. I love the creamy white color and it’s a great size for this space. I just can’t believe I scored this all for $100.

Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook Updated Farmhouse Style Breakfast Nook

I’m so happy with our new and improved breakfast nook. We spend so much time in here as a family and this little space is definitely the center of our home. I just love it. And it sure has come a looooong way since we moved in two years ago. (You can see what it used to look like in this post.) It just keeps getting better and better. And I think the lesson here is splurge when you can and save when you can. I splurged on the new chandelier and I saved big time on the table and chairs. And really, that’s how I do a lot of my home renovations–search out Craigslist before you buy anything new! That saving really helps offset the cost of new fun things like pretty lights and decor.

Thanks so much for dropping by the blog today, I hope you have the best week ever! xoxo

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  1. 9.11.17
    Deborah said:

    This is just beautiful! I love everything you’ve done here! It’s simple and elegant!

    • 9.11.17
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Deborah, I am really happy with how it turned out!

  2. 9.11.17
    Marilyn S. said:

    Cute as ever! I love a pedestal table , I’m a little confused though I thought you had a white pedestal table in there and then moved it to the dining room (after you sold the DR table ) so is this the same table or is it the new one that looks like the one that is now in the dining room ??? In any event I love the look and the new Chandy is yummy ! Can’t wait to see where the old white metal farmhouse light winds up……..

    • 9.11.17
      Sarah said:

      Hi Marilyn, I did have a pedestal table here before actually. It was one I chalk painted and it had a white top and grey bottom. So very similar to this one but it was larger. And now that’s the one in the dining room! Sorry for the confusion!

  3. 9.11.17
    Michele said:

    How do you keep everything so clean with kids. My house is filled with grown ups and they are not as helpful…lol

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      Ha! Well most of the time the house isn’t that clean. I just tidy up well I photograph! 🙂

  4. 9.11.17
    Deedra said:

    You just simply have a gift for putting things together that are beautiful and warm! The table and the light are just perfect there. I just love the way you decorate your home!

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      That you so much Deedra, that is so sweet of you to say!!

  5. 9.11.17
    Tammy Ganci said:

    I am so excited I am actully screaming happiness at work right now !!!! I love that light fixture so much in your breakfast nook I just ordered one from Wayfair in the medium size. And its on sale !!!!!!!!! OH thank you for posting this today!!! Have a blessed and wonderful and exciting day!

    Love your blog friend,

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      haha, I am glad you love the light so much Tammy! And if you’re that excited about a light fixture then we should be best friends! 🙂

  6. 9.11.17
    Kimberly said:

    I love it, Sarah! What a beautiful view! the framed grainssack & bakery sign against the shiplap is perfect. Love the new table & chandy!

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Kimberly! I’ve actually had that bakery sign in storage for a while now, but it was time to bring it back to the breakfast nook!

  7. 9.11.17

    It is so perfect Sarah!!! I love it and it works great with your new table 🙂

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Chelsea, I am really happy with how it came together!

  8. 9.11.17
    Ellen said:

    This space!! So bright and beautiful and I cannot get over what an amazing deal you got on the table and chairs! Way to go! I am heading over right now to check out that chandelier because it is gooorgeous.

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      I know Ellen! I am still shocked I scored this table on Craigslist. Definitely a lucky find!

  9. 9.12.17
    Dianne Gingrich said:

    Looks beautiful. Love the chandelier.

    • 9.12.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks so much Dianne!

  10. 9.12.17
    Teresa O,Connor said:

    Love it , its perfect ..

  11. 9.13.17
    Joan Brantley said:


    You have such a charming house! I love how warm and inviting it is. I have been searching for a neutral 9 x 12 rug for a farmhouse living room. I am having a difficult time finding one that is not rough and scratchy! Any ideas??


  12. 3.6.18
    Riley said:

    Hi Sarah!

    I’ve been contemplating buying the same table as you, but as there are none in the stores near me (I’m in Canada), I’m hesitant to order it from the store without seeing it. Is it truly an off white, or does it throw yellow/beige. I’m nervous that it’ll have a creamier yellow tinge to it as opposed to white.


    • 3.6.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Riley! Mine is definitely a true white–no yellow! I think you’ll love it.