Quick Front Entryway Makeover

For months now I’ve been dreaming about doing a farmhouse style makeover on our front entryway. Well, it’s hardly an entryway. It’s more like 36 inches of empty space next to our front door. I’ll be honest–I’ve never liked it. I posted a vintage inspired entryway look a while back, which was a decent attempt at sprucing this spot up, but I always felt like something was off. It was actually driving me nuts, so I finally decided to do something about it. And today I’m excited to show you this very DIY friendly makeover, it only took a few hours to complete, and the transformation is pretty awesome.

Farmhouse Style Front Entryway Makeover
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Ta-da! Beadboard. The solution was beadboard. I love this so much. I’ve said it time and time again, but if you want to add farmhouse charm to your home–no matter what kind of home you have–start with the walls. Adding beadboard, like I did here, or a planked wall is so much easier than most people think. And it’s actually very affordable.

Supplies Needed:

  • Beadboard panel
  • Stud Finder
  • Moulding or trim
  • Jigsaw
  • Nailgun
  • White Paint (I used Cloud White by Benjamin Moore)
  • Wall hooks


Here’s how it looked before. Like I said, it’s basically 36.75 inches of wasted space.


We got the beadboard from Home Depot. It comes in 8 foot panels, so we bought one and had them cut the panel down to the exact measurement we needed for this spot. They’ll do it for free, so definitely take advantage of that service if you do something like this yourself. This saved us a TON of time and made the project go super fast.

We went with 5 feet for the height, which I think worked really well. Once we got it home all we had to do was measure where the electrical outlets were and use a jigsaw to cut out a spot for them on the beadboard. After that it was ready to be nailed into place. Quick tip: use a stud finder and draw a line on the wall where you find the studs—that’s where you’ll want to nail so it stays in place and secure. Pop a few nails in and you’re done. EASY!

Applying breadboard front entryway project

Just to clarify, that is not my arm. I don’t want you thinking I have manly, hairy arms. I do not. That manly, hairy arm belongs to my husband.


Here’s a close up of how the electrical outlets look once we put them back in place. They fit over the cutouts we made perfectly and we simply screwed the covers into the beadboard.

Quick Front Entryway Makeover

Once that was done we added a large piece of moulding to the top. We did a little caulking around the edges to seal in any small spaces in between the beadboard and the moulding, but that’s totally optional. Then we added the hooks, which are from Hobby Lobby, filled in the nail holes, and topped it off with a coat of white paint. I used Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.

Quick Front Entryway Makeover

Front Entryway Makeover Farmhouse Style

Front Entryway Farmhouse Decor Vintage Suitcase

How adorable is this old suitcase? Yard sale find for the win. It even has the Delta Airlines tag still on it. Someone splattered blue paint on it like a fool, but I still love it.

Farmhouse Style Front Entryway Makeover

Quick Front Entryway Makeover


Front Entryway Makeover

Front Entryway Makeover

Front Entryway Makeover

If you’re curious about that cute farmer’s market pillow is from So Vintage Chic.

Front Entryway Makeover

Farmhouse Style Front Entryway Makeover

So there ya have it! This was so quick and easy to do, I wish we had done it a looooong time ago. And now we actually have an entryway and not just an empty wall. Getting the beadboard cut at Home Depot really saved a ton of time, which made this a complete breeze. I seriously love doing projects like this–quick, easy, and cheap. I think all of the supplies cost about $45, which isn’t a lot when you consider how much better this spot looks. I tell ya, if you haven’t used beadboard panels in your home yet, I’d definitely give it a try. We used them in our master bathroom renovation and it totally changed the entire feel of the room. Plus it’s a no-brainer if you’re going for the farmhouse look.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. And thanks for stopping by, it means the world to me! xoxo


Small front entryway makeover for less than $50

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  1. 9.9.16
    Kathy Bogan said:

    Absolutely love your entryway. What a difference that made. You have such a special talent. I always look forward to your post each day. May God Bless you and your family greatly. Have a wonderful weekend.

    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you Kathy, I really appreciate that!

  2. 9.9.16
    Linda said:

    Love it. What a difference and so cheap.

    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Linda!

  3. 9.9.16
    Gayle said:

    It looks great, Sarah! Where did the chair come from? I am looking for two chairs like it for my new farmhouse dining table.

    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Gayle! I’m pretty sure I found that chair on Craigslist a few year back. The seat had red fabric on it and I replaced it with burlap.

      • 9.13.16
        Gayle said:

        Thanks! I actually ended up finding some very similar at Hobby Lobby, and I love them! It is amazing how much they match my dining table, which I purchased separately.

        • 9.13.16
          Sarah said:

          Oh yay!

  4. 9.9.16
    Marilyn Soto said:

    What a great transformation for such a small cost. I also love the window frame above it. You always come up with simple low cost ideas that make huge impacts- That’s my kind of decorating!

    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Marilyn, you know I love a low cost project!

  5. 9.9.16
    Morgan said:

    Love it! What a great little space? I’m in love with that chair…where did you find it?


    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Morgan! If I remember right I found that chair on Craigslist.

  6. 9.9.16

    I love beadboard and it made such a big difference to your cute entry area!

    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      I do too! Thanks Sandy.

  7. 9.9.16
    Susanne said:

    That looks great! I have 3 sheets of bead board and I can’t get the hubby to put them up! I may have to do it myself ????

    • 9.9.16
      Sarah said:

      Go for it, it’s really very easy. Thanks for stopping by Susanne!

  8. 9.9.16
    Kassie said:

    Omg that is super cute! Nice work!

  9. 9.9.16
    Jane said:

    Looks great…not all of us have a designated foyer. The beadboard is the way to go. I love the suitcase by the chair and door. My hubby would love to imagine me sitting there with a one way ticket SOMEWHERE!!! lol!


  10. 9.9.16
    Marie said:

    Hi Sarah you make it look so easy I love it look’s great .

  11. 9.10.16
    Stephanie said:

    It looks really great! Such a good idea, and so well executed.

  12. 9.10.16
    Emily said:

    This looks great! How much did it cost for that size headboard peice? And that size molding? I have a Home Depot near me and I’m thinking of doing my entire living room eventually. Thanks!

  13. 9.13.16
    Charli said:

    The beadboard made such a big difference! Love it!

  14. 11.17.16
    MaryRuth said:

    LOOOOOOOVE this!! So inspired to do this… so much so that Its after midnight and I’m trying to shop beadboard on home depots website… but I’m a little overwhelmed with all the different options… I just want the exact same one you used! Any chance you could give me a link to the beadboard you used?


  15. 12.5.18
    Hope said:

    Did you paint the beadboard also or just the molding?